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As part of our ongoing efforts to support district and school PACs and their parent communities, and with grateful acknowledgement to the Ministry of Education, September 15, 2020, BCCPAC secured Zoom licenses for DPACs/PACs across the province to be able to host virtual meetings during the pandemic.  We were able to secure a sub-group license with 100 Zoom licenses as part of the Ministry’s enterprise license agreement. This means BCCPAC is the owner of the licenses but as we now release and issue them to you as the local DPAC, the administration and management of these licenses is the DPACs responsibility as is the communication to your district PACs. Our email to DPACs on Sept 15 outlined next steps to receive and activate these shared licenses so that local PACs can use them.
While PACs are not restricted from entering the school – and there are a few good reasons to do so such as picking up mail including banking statements through to a meeting with the admin team – having less parents in the schools less often is advisable. By enabling PACs to have the ability to hold their meetings, including their AGM virtually, at no cost to them, this greatly reduces the PACs' need to use the school building and reduces the parent footprint into the school.
Key Points:
• Every DPAC will receive a minimum of 1 license. Those DPACs with more school PACs will of course receive more to a max of 8.
• Each shared license can host a meeting, with no time limits, for up to 300 attendees
• Available Zoom services include: Polls, Chat, Muting, Reactions, Feedback
• DPAC will designate individual(s) to manage/schedule the use of their licenses (at no cost), to ensure fair and equitable shared use for all PACs in their district
• At this time, the licenses are available for use until the end of June 2021 at no cost to the DPAC or the PAC for their use.
• There will be help documents and other materials shared with DPACs and PACS.
Here are a few some methods other DPACs are using to share the licenses with their PACs:
  1. DPAC shares the license login information to PACs directly (Zoom account username/password). The main concern with this method is that someone may use the license, intentionally or unintentionally, when they are not scheduled to do so and could interfere with another PAC’s meeting (each license can only host 1 meeting at a time).
  2. Same as #1, but DPAC changes the password after each PAC meeting, to prevent any conflicts. An effective way to use this option would be to assign a single password to each PAC.
  3. DPAC retains Zoom license login and manually starts each meeting, only staying in the meeting long enough to pass the Host privileges to the appropriate PAC member. If you choose this option:
    1. Recommend the new Host upgrade one of their Participants to Co-host status in case they “drop” the meeting (eg. lose their internet connection). Without a Co-host, they would have to get in touch with DPAC to restart the meeting.
    2. Consider having a few volunteers you trust with the login info so you’re not the only person starting all these meetings.
We are aware of a few districts where the DPAC is non-operational at this time. Our office team will be connecting directly with the PACs in those districts and will administer and manage the use of the licenses in those unique areas. IF your District does not have an active DPAC currently, encourage a parent to volunteer for this Zoom Administrator role for all the PACs in your district by contacting our office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
We have not restricted these licenses to our paid members but have made them freely available to all PACs via our DPACs.
We do hope however, that both the DPAC and the local PACs will find their way to support BCCPAC by retaining membership with us going forward to support the work we do on behalf of all public school families. 
Your DPAC will contact your PAC with information on how to reserve and use the shared licenses. If you have not heard from them already, please reach out to them directly.