• Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management Planning for Schools, Districts and Authorities

    Emergencies are unpredictable. We usually have little warning that an event or series of events may cause a massive disruption in our lives and our communities. As one of the major areas in which people gather, schools are places where emergency preparedness is critically important to the well-being of students and employees and to the confidence that parents feel in entrusting their children to the care of educators in BC schools.

    The Emergency Management Planning Guide for Schools, Districts and Authorities is intended to provide support to public, independent and First Nations schools in upholding their responsibilities during an emergency.

  • Parent Information on New Curriculum

    Learn all you need to know about the new curriculum including: core competencies, assessments, orientation guide, parent's guide and the ability to give feedback. All materials housed on the government website. 



  • Special Education Technology BC

    SET- BC assists BC school districts in supporting students whose access to the curriculum is restricted. They provide a wealth of resources regarding educational strategies and assistive technologies for students with special learning needs.

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