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  • Board Election Results
    May 03

    Results of the board elections and resolutions debated at the AGM.

  • Final AGM Booklet
    Apr 30

    The final version of our AGM Booklet was emailed to attendees and now includes the budget, financials and reports.

  • DPAC67 Parent Presentation
    Apr 28

    We virtually presented to the parents and PACs in SD67 re parents as stakeholders. Learn more.

  • Ministry Service Plan 2021
    Apr 21

    The Min of Ed revised three yr service plan has been released. Its worth a read by members as its the MoEs guiding...

  • BC Teachers Council Annual Report
    Apr 21

    The 2020 Annual Report of the BC Teachers Council is available. Learn More  

  • AGM Booklet Updated
    Apr 21

    The 3rd iteration of our AGM Booklet was emailed to members & includes final list of resolutions.

  • Response to Budget 2021
    Apr 20

    This year we again attended the Budget Lockup, virtually. Read our full response to Budget 2021.

  • BCCDC Update for Families
    Apr 14

    Monthly newsletter for families from BCCDC - Read and Share. 

  • AGM Booklet Update
    Apr 08

    The  2nd iteration of our AGM Booklet was emailed to members & incl candidates, resolutions etc. 

  • Gaming Guidelines Revised for 2021
    Mar 30

    Community Gaming Guidelines for PACs/DPACs for 2021-22 school year have been released. Please Review.